Like as @rmackay9 Randy Mackay, @tridge Andrew Tridgell, @magicrubTom Pittenger, @lucasdemarchi Lucas De Marchi, @priseborough Paul Riseborough, @jberaud Julien Beraud and others APM developers, we have started on last year a workshop in the universities called "TD3" and it will work together with "Ardupilot Team & Communication" purposes.

In workshop "TD3" we are introducing the UAV flight system, APM API Structure and use; and APM Flight System how it's work.

We are very greatful to meet APM Team and helping us to introducing APM Flight System and APIs in our workshops here in many universities, UTEPSA (City: Santa Cruz de la Sierra), UEB (City: Santa Cruz de la Sierra), UPDS (City: Tarija) and UAP (City: Pando).

Greentings from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Team.

Follow us too at and

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