So yet again the media goes bananas over a completely non evidenced event.
Apparently a drone was spotted flying near gatwick airport and the airport has massive disruptions as a result .
Does anyone have any evidence......NOPE
Does this article refer to other events that were "drone related incidents" yes, but the events it refers to also have NO evidence!

What are your guys opinions on the matter?

#BBC #UFO https://goo.gl/8wFN74
Drone causes disruption at Gatwick, evidence shows..... oh wait there is no evidence!
#FakeNews #CNN

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    The question is, if you were the operations manager on the day and you had a report of a drone in your airspace would you delay while the report is substantiated or would you err on the side of caution? 

    Personally I suspect it's a slightly dubious story, it's as likely to be a helium balloon as anything else. At this stage the hysteria has gripped the public such that everything with multi rotors is a camera equipped spy machine capable of reading your newspaper from a mile away. 

  • Lol my evidence is the lack of evidence....

  • Who are you, donald trump?

    This wasn't just some newspaper headline, air traffic control effectively shut down the airspace for two time periods, diverting dozens of aircraft, thousands of passengers and costing $xm.  I very much doubt they did this for no reason whatsoever.

    There are plenty of cretins who bought a drone over the internet and fly it stupidly, I meet them all the time.  It is only a matter of time before a real accident happens and god forbid it should happen to a passenger plane.  I read this and thought I hope they catch the moron who did this and make a public example of them.

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