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  • Link to the September 27th DIYD blog post about Anura is here.

  • This product is aim toward beginners, not so much hackers.  See it as an advance mini quadcopters in a compact package with cameras and live view.  Its about 4.5oz comes with Barometer, gyro and magnetometer.

      Wifi range varies depend on phone models around 60 to 90 ft.

      Latency of the camera will have to get back to you on the spec.

      Its closed source.

  • Well I suppose I'd rather have that thing crashing into people and property than a phantoms.

  • The description is virtually devoid of details about this quad.  You don't even list what hardware is include.  I assume it has the standard gyro/accel.  Does it have a pressure sensor / magnetometer / GPS?  I assume so, with the planned functionality, but it would be nice to have it listed.

    Also, what's the WiFi range?

    What is the latency of the camera?  It's not easy to achieve low-latency with digital video.

    Is this completely closed source?

  • Nice product!

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