Drone learns from humans how to navigate a forest

From the ROS blog:

The Robotics Institute at CMU has been developing systems to learn from humans. Using a Machine Learning class of techniques called Imitation Learning the group has developed AI software for a small commercially available off-the-shelf ARdrone to autonomously fly through the dense trees for over 3.4 km in experimental runs. They are also developing methods to do longer range planning with such purely vision-guided UAVs. Such technology has a lot of potential impact for surveillance, search and rescue and allowing UAVs to safely share airspace with manned airspace. 
Watch the flight in unstructured environments below.


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Comment by W. Joe Taylor on December 12, 2012 at 2:15pm
This is amazing for several reasons. 1st they only used a camera as the main sensor. 2nd the optical flow routine & vision based learning algorithm looks simple. 3rd the payload capacity of the Ardrone is very limited. I assume the autopilot was based on the px4 fmu like the one that 3dr has & the px4ioar. CMU article at


Thanks Chris & CMU team.


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