When it comes to learning about drones. Do we really learn? Discover and progress our hobby with UAV by simply watching Youtube videos. Well as a new pilot in 2015 I have to say (YES) ok OK ok You must be thinking what is this newbie pilot talking about? 

Youtube was the initial introduction to RC/UAV/Drones with a wealth of false and sponsored retrick which was in my personal experience entertaining. But for a poor few,  simple lack of investigation introduced them to some TOY products. I was lucky! 

What was more Interesting with my tube experience was the fact That how many people in comments directed me to websites such as DIY Drones. Through this website and other social media platforms you can strike relationships.. Not dating ones lols.. Not to many girls fly drones... But meet people locally and share and make videos that can inspire

If anyone knows the videos I produce they will understand that when you collaborate you can make a great vid.

Here is a video that a friend made after watching my videos,and  went out and brought a drone. Like me I got a drone after watching another friends video to see If I could do one too.

This is the end result. I edited it and added music. The Pilot is the quality in this voyage of discovery.

I hope you like the video as it shows about sharing the passion for drone together 

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