Drone Post Flight - from your web browser!

This is a web-based application that allows you to upload your flight .log file and review the flight in 3D directly in your web browser!  Feel free to register and start uploading and exploring your flights!


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I wanted to put this out to the community and gather some feedback, so please let us know what you like, what you dont like, and additional features or compatibility issues you come across!


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  • Ok tried converting to "text" format. It loads but doesn't work. Bummer.

  • So strange!!! I can't upload any tlogs what so ever???????

  • I looked into that registration issue and hopefully that is corrected now.  If you still have issues please let me know!

    I will add support for tlog soon (hopefully) but right now it is just supporting the .log file format.  It is in the plans to add other formats so hopefully i can find some time to keep building it out!

  • Yes Glenn correct that's what happened to me. I uploaded a tlog then clicked the flight and it tries to load but then nothing. I thought it was just that they didn't accept tlogs. I couldn't even see the test log there. Very bizarre interface.
  • Login without function.

  • Issue here two. When you register it will login, but no email sent and you cannot login again. Have to use register everytime.

    I have tried uploading 3 different logs including the sample log. No confirmation is given that the upload was successful. Should there be? I can see the 3 names in Flight List but when I click on one it shows the loading symbol and nothing happens.

    A shame really as the video looks nice!

  • We have plans to expand to read many other formats, but are taking them one at a time at this point.  This is all great feedback and we will work to build up the number of supported file types in the near future.  

  • so it does not like tlogs? i just uploaded to exmaps and they work fine in there. thank you.

  • Sorry, i should confirm that we have support for the ArduCopter .log files.  So, the process would be to use the .log files which come from Mission Planner (i.e. not binary log files, but the text files that Mission Planner creates).  

    There is a sample .log file on the main page that you can use to test with and look at.

    I have used 3.3 logs with success, but if you have log files that arent working, i could trouble shoot those and help harden the application!

  • same issues ... tried different Log files, ArduCopter 3.3 Logs, Solo Logs, small tlog files.. what kind of logs and which logs do you support? don't find any infos.


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