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    The Connex mini is 500m line of sight. And no information on if there is any kind of graceful degradation on the video when you start to push it. I also doubt it would play nice with 5-6 systems being used at the same time.

    For FPV racing in addition to low latency, it is even more important that the video never ever completely break apart since any pause in the video stream would pretty much guarantee a crash.

    Not trying to be pessimistic, just inserting a bit of realism into how things stand at the moment. I've been working on and off on digital FPV for many years now. And it is a hard problem, requiring custom hardware/software for all parts of the video chain (encoding-transmission-decoding). Especially if you want low latency and graceful degradation.

  • ill let you in on a secret(a well known one...) all the low latency tech is based on the same chip...

  • I understand that the connex system was tested but struggled once you went past a couple of concurrent users.

  • @john depends on the field size. If you're looking at freestyle or <500sqft:

    3702171535?profile=originalThis is on my eachines 250 and miniAPM. Basically a stripped out Paralinx-- it's more robust than any analog system, maybe an extra 50ms latency from the M10 camera, but very flyable. Flown [moderately] upto 325ft indoors (i.e. 3 basketball courts)...3 drones at a time with minor pixelation at the edge. Yes, anything analog (for a flicker free screen!) will get killed by multipath once you get to.... 2 drones(!). Hence DRL pilots have skills to fly in snowy video...

    Yes it's a pricey [and power hungry] option, but then again no different if one bought a pair of cinemizers (I normally run spexmans on analog).

    Also, yes, any consumer VR/HD goggles: not gonna cut it at this time, too slow on the redraw...

    Good luck to the participating pilots! Looks like DRL has listened to them--as those obstacles sure look familiar:


  • take a look at this: 

    0 latency and 1080P60 1600 ft 

  • Well... you have what to expect:)

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    sure, but nothing yet that is low weight and will fit on a 250 racer, and support multiple transmitters in close proximity for all the racers at the same.

  • there are no latency HD transmitters 

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    Re Glyph. That's pure product placement marketing. They are still using analog for the live video feed, meaning a HDMI headset will only add latency with no benefits. If you look at some of the other videos showing actual footage of the pilots during racing, they are all wearing the regular fat sharks.

  • wont get far without Real time HD....

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