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  • Developer

    very cool video!

  • Saw the promo vid featured on Devour, very cool stuff and slick video!
  • Good stuff!! Hey anything that gets people excited about the sport I am all for. Cheers!

  • Yeah, it's just analog SD FPV.

    The video is a bit "future forward" but not too far off the mark of what's "real"
  • Ahh nice! Thats right I remember seeing them at CES. Have you tried them, are they the next level up?

    So how do you get the FPV signal in there? A receiver and a cable I gather ( hehe conspicuously missing from the promo vid ;)

  • those are the Avegant Glyph:

    Shipping this month !
  • vid looks great, but the googles they are wearing are just for show right? Those are some VR headset and not actual FPV goggles are they? if yes then what is the brand?

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