Drone shot down by police

While filming the protests at Taksim Square, Istanbul Turkey, a DJI Phantom is brought down by police. I'm surprised that he managed to keep the footage. Many people arrested at the protests report having their memory card wiped.


Yes I made that headline as sensationalistic as possible ;)

Polisin vurarak düsürdügü helipoterden görüntüler! / Footage from Police shot helicopter! [HD] from Jenk K on Vimeo.

Polis kameralı helikoptere ateş etti / Police shot RC copter @ Taksim Gezi Park from Jenk K on Vimeo.

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  • hahahhahaaha. shouldve kept moving

  • Moderator
    Sorry Bad case of pushing your luck
  • Moderator
    Look at it again, low down and head on at the police line, high and clear over the protesters, not just once but several times. From the ground commanders view it was threatening, I believe that the police did that to protect there people. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did!! Dad case of pushing your luck!
  • Eh, could've been a little more sensationalist..."maliciously gunned down" is a phrase that springs to mind...

  • T3

    So did we learn anything..... altitude is your friend...oh and staying in one place for more than a second is bad...


  • I am speachless and shocked from many aspects of that flight .....

  • I would have never thought that they would have the balls to shoot down something like that. But again its the Turkish police that we are talking about they beat up people just for fun. 

  • Yikes. the only reason he probably got to keep the video is that the police didn't want to get anywhere near the protesters that the Phantom fell near.

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