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  • With a slightly different camera angle, it could have looked like Justice skewered the quad...which seems to be the road some reactionaries would take toward the technology.

    Marion, OH has now had it's 15 minutes of fame.


  • Cline told officers he was taking footage of the courthouse as part of a “pro bono” piece for the economic development organizations. Cline said he had not been hired or commissioned by either group, but he was working to strengthen Marion’s image and attract tourism.

    Now that Marion is on the international map, Mr Cline should send a bill for services rendered to the Marion city council.

  • The irony of ironic ironies is that the photos for this news article were taken with another drone copter... 

  • Call these guys!

  • This will show how to get 2 drones in the arms of Justice hahahahhaah

  • they can use another quad to remove that quad from statue.

    like a resque mission. with a rope hanging with a hook and trying to catch the drone from one of the arm.

    and this is 100% feasable.

    and will show how a drone can be used to "save' other object or maybe a life in some situation. it is less risky than using a real helicopter.

  • I am pretty sure that if we will have more of this kind of accidents authorities will put a ban on RC quads and helis, and I would say they will be right!!!

    Many people are believe too much that they are able to control their rc beasts very well and then starting to fly over crowds over playground and so on. But in reality reliability of those devices are pretty uncertain and I am 100% sure  that everyone who have 100+ flights has experience few crashes.


    I like this kind of hobby very much but sometime I feel it’s becoming dangerous!

  • This is just 40 minutes up the freeway from me. I wonder if finders keepers applies if I go get it down. I would love a DJI Phantom!
  • otario .. coisas desse tipo deveriam ser punidas para que nao acontecam novamente.

    Cambada de amadores.

    É por isso que que a lei para os drones vai ser severa.

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