DroneCafe.com In Beta/Testing Phase

Hey Folks,

I'm currently working on DroneCafe.com to provide people with a place to hangout and talk about drone politics/politicians, drone/robotics news, and also a place to openly talk about militarized drones.  This website is more for entertainment and not tech based or open source based like DIY Drones allowing for you to discuss things on DroneCafe.com that have no place/business being posted or discussed on DIYDrones.com!  

Feel free to make an account on DroneCafe.com and mess around with blogs/photos/forums/etc!  It will help me get an idea on how I should finish setting up the website.  Also you can check out Ning 3.0 which is what DIY Drones will be migrating to very soon.  Ning 3.0 also allows for very easy posting of Vimeo videos so you can test that out if you are an avid Vimeo uploader

Take it easy DIYDrones.com, 

Joshua Johnson (DIY Drones News)

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