Happy Holidays DiyDrones.com!!  This is Joshua Johnson with what's going to be new in 2014 with my Drone Internet Show. Below is a picture of how my show will be structured in 2014.  The websites inside the pyramid represent the various sources I'm going to use to gather information on Drones, Model Vehicles,autopilots, etc.  This information will be used to create engaging Blog's for DiyDrones+RCGroups, and Live Youtube Broadcasts on the 3 Websites that I own on the outside of the pyramid.


HobbyKingNews.com (Should being finished being built by the end of JAN):

Im working closely with Hobby King employees to bring the DiyDrones Community R/C & Model Aviation News coming out of Hobby King.  My website and Hobby King News segment of my show is a 3rd Party website that has no official ties with Hobby King and my views and opinions are not associated with Hobby Kings. They have given me exclusive access to early release of all News coming out of HobbyKing.com related to various things such as new products before the public gets this information.  Also I was told if the interest in "Hobby King News" is large enough they will allow me to interview key staff members involved in the operation of Hobby Kings.  I'm trying to work out a deal in which Hobby Kings supports my show by providing me with the Models/Vehicles/and Electronics to use for various Episode Series. 

sUAS News:

In the year 2014 I'm going to try my very hardest to strengthen my ties and bond with sUAS News and the folks affiliated with it.  In the past I have found myself neglecting sUAS News because I felt as if it was a News source I had to compete with.  With the new year coming along I am leaving that mentality behind and hoping that I can help create a mutually beneficial bond between my News Show/Websites and sUASNews.com!  They share various stories that I can't find anywhere else but sUAS News which shows me they are leading the way in Drone Based News Media. 

Contest Giveaways!:

If I get to the point where I ever get an over abundance of products and the supporting companies allow me to.  I will run various contests in which I'll give away excess products I receive from companies that were used on the show as prizes.  The prize packs for these contests will include anything from autopilots, R/C Planes, R/C Boats, Quad Frames, Motors, and much more.

Take it Easy Diy Drones and enjoy the holidays, 

Joshua Johnson

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  • I almost forgot to mention!  Once the weather warms up in good ole Minnesnowta I'm going to begin construction on a studio for the News Segment.

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