DroneCafe - Episode 6 - DIY Heli

Episode 6

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Welcome to DroneCafe - DIY Heli - Part 1

Every Wednesday At 12:00AM CST I am releasing a new DIY Episode that will feature ways to modify simple R/C's that people new to R/C's and Drones can understand and preform on their vehicle.

Link to possible:FPV Camera and Controller for my Heli

Episode 4 - Newbies Guide to Diydrones.com [12:34]

Episode 5 - Diydrones.com Live Assistance via Skype [03:28]

***I hope you enjoyed Diydrones.com! If you have any suggestions for my Podcast or ideas for new episodes please let me know***

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  • Here's a list of confusing acronym's HERE! If your still confused though after I don't mind at all making a episode dedicated to explaining them. Let me know Paul!

  • Josh - keep up the good work! As a newbie, I'd love to see a session on drone acronyms and their meanings. It's pretty overwhelming.
  • Next time you won't be able to see my fingers lol!

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