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Dronecode membership grows almost 3x this year

3689675457?profile=originalWe're adding Dronecode members faster than we can update the website ;-) We'll be at nearly 50 companies by the end of the year, a three-fold increase since this time last year. Great work is being done by the PX4 and APM teams, and integration with ROS is already paying dividends. The Airspace Management Working Group is focused on making the Dronecode stacks ready for emerging rules on drone integration into the airspace. The Messaging Working Group is extending MAVLink 2.0 to the cloud. And the Hardware Working Group is expanding the stack from small racing copter boards all the way up to high-powered computer vision platforms. 

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  • Ok. Thanks for the clarification. At this point I am leaning towards Linux and Emlid.
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    Like all the other Linux Foundation projects, the member companies contribute developers and code to the project (the direct funding just goes for administrative costs, such as conferences and developer meetups. Qualcomm in particular has been investing a lot into Dronecode support for the Snapdragon Flight board, which will be released when that board is.  Other companies such as Parrot and EMLID are contributing code to support their own hardware, which is the normal model for Linux Foundation members.

  • I would love to understand what this means. Are these companies going to pay developers to work on open source code? Has any company other than 3DR funded developers to contribute to the codebase significantly?
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    And the growth here has been nice and steady, too:


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    Its going to be very interesting to see where all this leads. The rate of change since this site started is amazing, ten years are yet to pass!

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