Dronecode/PX4 1.7 out now, biggest release to date

We are happy to announce the release of PX4 v1.7.0, this version comes packed with performance and quality of life improvements. With 1840 commits with the help of 76 authors and hundreds of flight hours across all of our certified hardware, this is the biggest release of PX4 to date.

This release couldn’t have happened without the help of our supporting members, developers, and partners that help us every day, from planning to execution, we are grateful for this community and hope you enjoy flying PX4 v1.7.0.


  • First-generation experimental support for ROS2-like setups with FastRTPS
  • Support for many new sensors (LIDAR, airspeed, IMU, etc)
  • Significant robustness improvements and new features to default estimation system (EKF2)
  • Significant improvements to VTOL flight control
  • Increased smoothness of multi-copter flight control
  • Better performance of fixed-wing flight control
  • Many build system improvements (including 50% faster Nuttx builds)
  • New continuous integration system (http://ci.px4.io) with significantly more build and testing capacity
  • Reduced CPU load and RAM usage
  • Plus more tons of minor bug fixes and under the hood enhancements
  • Full list of changes


You can flash the v1.7.0 release from QGroundControl or grab the binaries for your platform directly from the v1.7.0 release tag


If you have any feedback you would like to share here are some options:

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