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DroneCon 2014 underway


DroneCon 2014 is now underway at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Although it's not live-streamed, the videos will be on YouTube in a few days. Here's the order of events. 


9:00-9:25 Chris Anderson, CEO 3D Robotics

State of the Union

9:25-9:45 Randy Mackay, Arducopter Lead Developer

Arducopter overview

9:45-10:05 Kevin Hester, Head of Platform Engineering 3D Robotics

Dronehub API overview

10:05-10:25 Doug Weibel, Aerospace Engineering Science University of Colorado at Boulder

Introduction to the Extended Kalman Filter

10:25-10:40 Leonard Hall, Arducopter Developer

Autotuning on Arducopter

10:40-11:00 Coffee

11:00-11:20 Fergus Noble, CTO Swiftnav

Introduction to Differential GPS

11:20-11:40 Jonathan Challenger

Advancements in magnetometer calibration and compensation

11:40-12:00 Dr. Eric Frew, Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder

Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Communication and Atmospheric Sensing Missions

12:00-2:00 Lunch

2:00-2:25 Kevin Hester, Head of Platform Engineering

Dronehub API workshop

2:25-2:45 Jono Millin, Co-founder Drone Deploy

More API

2:45-3:05 Robert Lefebvre, Traditional Helicopter Lead Developer

Introduction to Traditional Helicopter dynamics

3:05-3:25 Chris Miser, Founder Falcon UAV

Anti poaching UAV applications

3:25-3:45 Daniel McKinnon, Co-Founder, Agribotix

UAVs in Agriculture: What do farmers really want?

3:45-4:05 Jamie Mercado, CTO Droidika

Comparison of a conventional survey vs a UAV based survey on an urban setting

4:05-4:25 Danny Coolahan, Cinematographer, Three Legged Lab

Iris in the wild

4:25-5:00 Andrew Tridgell, Arduplane Lead Developer


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  • +1!

  • Any updates on the talks and slides?

  • Anxiously awaiting the talks! Can't wait to hear what was discussed.
  • Are the dronecon's slides from 2013 also available?

  • 3D Robotics
    All talks and slides will be posted online soon!
  • When will they be uploaded?

  • Does anyone knows if the conference will be recorded? I'd love to watch the talks.

    Won't miss it next year :).

  • Moderator

    Wow, this sounds great!  I wish I had heard about it earlier.  Would love to see the videos.

  • Oh my! Is this a dream come true? If only I was still living at Boulder!

  • Developer

    I think my talk title "keynote" is just because I didn't get my abstract done in time! I'll be talking about the ardupilot development process, and some of my favourite development projects.

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