Last time i introduced DroneePlotter which is completely free  in browser flight log analiser tool for Ardupilot and PX4 log files.

After many feebdacks we have added many features to DroneePlotter .

1.we added lz4 compression support for upload and download of the files.Lz4 compresses binary files around 50%, Which means you get x2 more upload/download speed. Binary files are served with 1year cached flag which means if you open multiple instances of the same url, the data files will be served from browser cache after the first download

2.mavgraph.xml support you can click enable or drag and drop xml file which will be stored in browser cache.

3.FFT graph of ISBH frames for vibration measurement

5.GPS randomisign.Before uploading the binary file now you can randomize gps trajectory origin. Which will take the flight start to a random gps coordinate on the Earth.

Your feedbcaks, reviews are very wellcome.

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  • Hi, it is not opensource but it is completely open to use.
  • Looks really nice!  Are you planning to make this opensource, or is it commercial/closed app?

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