Hi everyone

I just launched a new website at www.dronehire.org, to help connect commercial drone operators with clients.

The site is very much a work in progress, so I would really appreciate any suggestions on how it could be improved.  You can contact me at info@dronehire.org

If you would like to add your drone-related service/s (such as aerial photography, aerial video, real estate photography, aerial mapping and surveying etc.) to the site, please visit http://www.dronehire.org/register-your-business.html (it's free!)

You can also receive updates relevant to commercial use of drones by following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook.

Thank you!

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  • Interesting!

    Login can be added for:

    1) People registering their business

    2) Users using the service

    This would make it easier to manage.

  • Developer

    I'm in!!!! Fantastic idea :)

  • While very supportive of the concept of DroneHire I must - without prejudice - draw to the attention of the DIY Drones community that there are concerning elements of this organisation which clearly require further explanation by that entity.


    First, when one registers for the DroneHire newsletter, one receives in reply an email which advises that their business address is at 129 Queen Steet, Brisbane, Australia. This is an address in the heart of the central business district of Brisbane, and I live very close by. Indeed I walk past this address several times a week: The address is occupied by a Hungry Jacks Burger outlet. The space above the Hungry Jacks is part of a very large commercial retail mall complex which fills an entire city block and houses only commercial retail outlets.


    Second, the domain name for DroneHire.org is registered in Panama, which is rather odd for an entity which claims a physical address in the very heart of Brisbane, and particularly when the costs of domain name registration in Australia itself are very cheap.


    While more than happy to have these oddities explained by DroneHIre, I must in the interim recommend caution on the part of DIY Drone members on their level of engagement with this organisation.



  • This is a very interesting concept but, without prejudice, some more disclosure is required from Dronehire.org about who it is and what their objectives are.


    I state this because there is a significant problem with the address details claimed by Dronehire. When one registers for their monthly newsletter one receives as part of the reply a statement that its physical address is 129 Queen St, Brisbane, which is right in the heart of the central shopping district. I live in central Brisbane and walk past 129 Queen St most days: The location is occupied by a Hungry Jacks Burger outlet. Nor is there any office space located above the street outlet, this being encompassed by a large retail mall complex. It is therefore the case that Dronehire is operating out of a fast food restaurant, or has given an incorrect address.


    The second problem is that the domain name for Dronehire.org is registered out of Panama, which is rather unusual for an entity which claims a business address in the very heart of a major Australian city.


    While I am more than happy to see an adequate explanation from Dronehire, it appears in the meantime that caution would be prudent in dealing with the organisation.


  • Thank you for the suggestion, Azhar.  We should have something up very soon.  By the way, I just processed your registration, and am very impressed by your beautiful aerial photography!

  • Just a suggestion.. instead of sister site, why dont you make it as part of the dronehire project. It might sounds a bit wrong but it will be easier for us to check on "new product" on one site rather than another few.

  • Hi Cliff.  Just services at this stage, but when you register, feel free to add in details about products, as I am working on a sister site for this purpose.  :-)

  • nice. is it services or we can post related products
  • Moderator

    Yes, that thought struck me as well, I would not like our USA friends to paint a nice big target on their backs for the FAA.

    Also there any many who are working up to flying legally in other countries but are not quite there yet, it may cause unwanted attention or problems when you do finally make the application.

    Good luck

  • Moderator

    No you won't unless they want to have the FAA feel their collars

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