Hi everyone

I just launched a new website at www.dronehire.org, to help connect commercial drone operators with clients.

The site is very much a work in progress, so I would really appreciate any suggestions on how it could be improved.  You can contact me at info@dronehire.org

If you would like to add your drone-related service/s (such as aerial photography, aerial video, real estate photography, aerial mapping and surveying etc.) to the site, please visit http://www.dronehire.org/register-your-business.html (it's free!)

You can also receive updates relevant to commercial use of drones by following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook.

Thank you!

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  • Stefan, I really appreciate your kind words.  The site is not perfect at the moment, but I will spend a lot of time improving it over the coming months.  Client reviews/ratings is definitely something I will add in the very near future.

    Thank you!

  • I am stunned to see this, as just over the last few days I had developed precisely the same idea to establish a place where drone operators could connect with clients. The idea came to me only a few days ago, and here it is as a 'product'  already! Congratulations, I think it's a good idea and as drones will continue to grow in popularity over time, I believe it will be useful to have a growing central directory. I see a bright future for drones and believe we are in the early stages of civil commercial deployment (next to it remaining a hobby) and this will grow exponentially over the next years. A lot of drone owners may consider 'commercializing'  their drone and for that purpose, such directory will be useful and can even grow into something bigger (envisage something like eBay, where rather than goods, services will be offered, and clients can rate the drone operators based on earlier experience). I don't think this era is as far away as we think right now. Like the computer age, adoption causes interest and growth and investment. It's a matter of years before UPS starts shipping through the air to your home... Assuming laws & regulations can keep up . Anyway, good initiative.

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