Drones, the farmer's new best friend

A few months back there was a story that PETA had acquired some drones and were planning on spying on farmers.  Many users of this technology might have been concerned that this questionable use might cause farmers to "shoot down" innocent drones operating near their properties.

Instead, farmers have embraced this technology and produced their own drone video.

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  • Sure is a lot of fun.
  • Nothing as cool a this though.
  • LanMark...I remember a neighbor of my Grandparents putting in a satellite dish which allowed them to get downlinked satellite feeds from weather satellites. This would have been in the '80s. It was very cool tech at a time before the internet was capable of providing such data.

    I took some flight footage of the same farm earlier this year as a favor to the long-standing family friends. My family and their family have been neighbors nearly 200 years.
  • Nice one Hai. That's very artistic!  Did you guys do the shooting?  If so, congratulations are in order.

  • Wow. Very fluid movement in that group of sheep! Very stable video footage. There is quite a lot of farm land where I live, but the vast majority of it is not as pristine as the one in the video.

  • Because of my AgPixel software product I work with a lot of producers (farmers) and the one thing they are definitely not, are hicks... Just because they work in the dirt doesn't mean they aren't sophisticated business professionals..  they are also one of the first groups of people to embrace new technologies.   How many people do you know that drive around half million dollar or million dollar pieces of equipment? :)

  • I love the comments about farmers - So many people treat farmers like hicks rather than sophisticated business-professionals running complex operations - and as people who are not afraid of technology.  

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    I believe that Discovery channel device is or was called critter cam. :)

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    Wish , I had few of such farmers to solicit such drone usage possibility. very nice video.

  • Love it!

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