The second prototype of the DeltaQuad was given to the PX4 team at ETH in Zurich. The DeltaQuad is a VTOL flying wing based on the Skywalker X8. It is currently under development at DronesLab and will be available soon.

The PX4 team has added the airframe to the Gazebo simulator and made this impressive video

The modifications made to the airframe put the CG exactly in the middle of the large payload area. That makes it very useful for cargo transport, arial mapping and other payload dependent tasks.

At DronesLab we're working hard towards a stable platform ready for production. The current prototypes are being tested for accurate performance, endurance and capacity statistics. The next prototypes will be equipped with custom wing joiners that house integrated connectors for fast assembly.

Stay tuned for more updates

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  • Great plane and perfect control. I am looking forward to the conversion kit, as the flight time of V2 (90 minutes) @ 100km provides a powerful package for big area surveying. Keep me informed when and where to get it ! 

  • Great Job ..

  • Nice job!
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