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Thanks to its creators, there is an active group buy for the DroneThermal Analog MAV breakout board for the FLIR Lepton Thermal Imager. It is available now with reduced pricing at GroupGets for $165.00 plus shipping from the USA. You can add the recommended 25 Degree FOV Lepton at checkout for an additional $230 or use it with other types of Leptons that you may already have.  We will post our own demonstration video of the board in action shortly.

The product's development progress and demo video is documented here by the inventor on DIYDrones: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/dronethermal-mav-cameras-almost-ready.

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  • Developer

    It would be cool to add storage and/or integration with APM:Copter/Plane so that pictures can be triggered with the regular do-digicam-control.  I could give advice on how to do that if you'd like.  AC3.3 will include sending/forwarding the do-digicam-conrol mavlink message to components (i.e. companion computers, mavlink enbabled devices) connected to any of the Pixhawk's (or other supported boards) serial ports.

  • @arment t, you are correct on the pricing of $395 for a complete system with a 25 degree FOV Lepton. It is in fact a standalone system and you can feed its user-selectable PAL or NTSC composite video output into a transmitter or any other type of system that can process those formats. The board will work with the cheaper standard 50 degree FOV Lepton (as well as the shuttered 50 degree for the same price) but for aerial use the inventor recommends the 25 degree version.

  • Awesome!

    wait The Board WITHOUT the LEPTON is $165 ?

    so complete you're saying its $395?

    and its a stand alone system? no raspberri, no arduino, etc...

    Thank you

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