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Thanks to its creators, there is an active group buy for the DroneThermal Analog MAV breakout board for the FLIR Lepton Thermal Imager. It is available now with reduced pricing at GroupGets for $165.00 plus shipping from the USA. You can add the recommended 25 Degree FOV Lepton at checkout for an additional $230 or use it with other types of Leptons that you may already have.  We will post our own demonstration video of the board in action shortly.

The product's development progress and demo video is documented here by the inventor on DIYDrones: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/dronethermal-mav-cameras-almost-ready.

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  • Any plans on doing another Group Buy for the Drone Thermal Camera?

  • We've uploaded to Shapeways a 3D printable mount for DroneThermal to a Zenmuse H3-4D GoPro gimbal.  It could be adapted for other similar gimbals.  Note that the added weight was well handled by the Zenmuse but results may vary for others.  Also note that there are two printable pieces and that they both must have threaded inserts applied. We will have a blog post about putting it all together soon. Round 4 of the DroneThermal group buy is about to close.

  • A little late but here is a  video that we made of it in action.  Forgive the rampant up/down tilting - it's how we hacked the the switch from daylight to thermal video.  

  • We made a droneThermal demo video that has both a 25 and 50-degree thermal FOV from the sky: https://vimeo.com/128534626

  • FYI the drone thermal group buy is going to close successfully in 2 days. 

  • @Bill, you've inspired us, to show the difference we're going to throw in a free Lepton v1.3 breakout board (the same one at Sparkfun) to anyone who buys both a droneThermal and 25-degree Lepton add-on at our group buy as an early adopter special. 

  • @armen t - we agree!  @ Guy McCaldin, thanks for the spot-on answer.  Just a little history, GroupGets originally envisioned and co-designed the simple breakout board at Sparkfun with our long-time friend at Pure Engineering. We were the first to bring Lepton to micro-buyers and we still offer the classic breakout (v1.3) as an add-on accessory to all Leptons that we have group buys for.  We had a lot of requests to get analog video out of Lepton for UAV and security cam projects so we were happy to find Melih's board.

  • its a beautiful step forward.


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    @Randy: Can you please point me to some documentation of the do-digicam-conrol mavlink. Our FlirPi app runs on Raspberry and provides for both GPIO and serial control of the Lepton. Would be great to have it compatible with Mavlink out of the box.

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    What's the advantage or difference to the one from spark fun? https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13233
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