DroneThermal Analog MAV Group Buy


Thanks to its creators, there is an active group buy for the DroneThermal Analog MAV breakout board for the FLIR Lepton Thermal Imager. It is available now with reduced pricing at GroupGets for $165.00 plus shipping from the USA. You can add the recommended 25 Degree FOV Lepton at checkout for an additional $230 or use it with other types of Leptons that you may already have.  We will post our own demonstration video of the board in action shortly.

The product's development progress and demo video is documented here by the inventor on DIYDrones: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/dronethermal-mav-cameras-almost-ready.

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  • Hi Gents,

    Just wanted to let y'all know that another group buy # 5 for the Drone Thermal Breakout board has been initiated. As of Today (12/9/15) There is already 1 backer with a minimum of 5 required for the buy! Here is the link to the campaign: https://groupgets.com/campaigns/161-dronethermal-thermal-camera-bre...


  • Hi Ron

    Thank you very much, I appreciate you helping me.


  • Hi Gary,

    Please contact with me over our contact page,I will glad to help you.

    UK custom is fully automatic, they add %20 on it and send an invoice by post in 1-2 weeks. 
    But there is no customs tax for replacements and spare-parts that zero priced. In your case, you are not selling it to us, so the price field must be zero(0) if you send it by DHL. Else We have to pay custom tax. 
    Our company registered for import taxes. So they are charging the cost from our bank account automatically without asking and delivering the products without customs hold. 

    Please do not reply here (because i'm not checking frequently) and send the package tracking number and details by our contact page.

  • I will pass him your note verbatim now. Sorry for the late reply. Just seeing this. He's been super busy.

  • Hi Ron,

    I sent back a Drone Thermal Camera to Flytron for repair but it is sitting in customs wait for them to contact custom on how they want my package released. (I have no idea what that means) I called DHL and they are waiting on a return email from Melih. He is hard to get a hold of sometimes and if he does not tell UK customs how he wants the package released it will sit there. Do you have a better contact email or phone number for Melih. I hate to bother him but I paid over $100 shipping and if they send it back they will charge me again.



  • Yes no problem. Saw the Lepton order. Waiting for the DT's to arrive but should be able to ship everything soon.

  • Hi Ron

    I just ordered the Lepton sensor to go with the breakout board, I am sending Melih my other one to be repaired.

    Can you ship them together?

  • Hi Ron

    I just ordered a Drone Thermal Camera Breakout board,

    Thank you

  • Hi Ron,

    Yes I would like to order one from you now if I may. GroupGets says out of stock.

  • Hey Gary, I could certainly fire another one up if you would like. They were out of stock but are shipping again. We also carry them in the GroupGets Store now too if you don't want to wait for a group buy to close so LMK. Got your note on Flytron and will pass it on to them.

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