DS600 is made from reinforced carbon fiber. “H”design makes it stronger and durable. It equips with T-motor

505-S propulsion system to improve the efficiency and endurance. The foldable propeller and landing gear make

the drone easy to carry. DS600 is perfect for long range inspection, surveillance and mapping.


  • Wheelbase: 600MM
  • Dimension: 600mmX600mmX 300mm
  • RTF weight(no battery): 2.5KG
  • Max payload : 2KG
  • Max take-off weight : 6KG
  • Working altitude : 1-500m
  • Flying speed : 1-15m/s
  • Endurance: 40-60min







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  • Hi,

    I build a quadcopter with those 505-S motors and I had a lot of problems, 2 of then got on fire in mid air, others had a coil brake at the base and make me crash like 5 times loosing all my equipment. I suggest you check the screw on the base of the motor, sometimes it comes too tight and this makes the motor to get hotter and because of the bad quality of the wiring it tends to fail.

    this is not just an opinion, but a fact, we lost almost 8 of these motors in accidents.
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