Ducted Fan Tricopter

I have been experimenting with a ducted fan tricopter.  It flys much better then I thought it would, flying time is about 5 minutes on a 4 cell 3300mah battery.  It is a blast to fly.

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  • does the size of the copter matter for this type of copter?
  • I have tried different servos and it really doesn't matter, the slower high torque servos are my first choice.  I also prefere standard servos over the smaller ones but they work fine, just don't hold up when banged around or abused, gears strip out easier.  The mechanics are very important, no slop or lose play, things get out of control.


  • what type of servo did you used? does the type of servo matters?

  • It is a tricopter, the rear EDF rotates to control thrust angle instead of using motor mix to control yaw.

  • how do you get it to yaw?

  • PS, I also fly a counter rotating coaxial version of my tricopter with motors form Hobbyking.  There is video on Vimeo where this video is posted.  Ed

  • I flew the ducted fan tricopter at a park today, flew over grass and had some room to fly around with some confidence.  This thing really flies great.  Battery life is short about 5 minutes on a 4 cell 3300mah pack.  Seems noisy but I got used to it pretty quick.  Very different.

    I use E-flite 15/69mm EDF,s with E-flite motors.  60 amp Cobra ESC,s and single servo on a rear rotating boom which I designed and made.  I gave the design and a prototype to Multiwiicopter who now sells the rotating boom with their V2 Scarabs.

    I am working on modifing a 120mm or 5 inch EDF to run at lower RPM's.  Like someone commented "proof of concept".


  • jet turbines.. ooH you tease !

  • @Mark

    Purpose for an EDF VTOL? There's the T-Hawk

    Anyway, tried a trifan with 60mm EDFs and old school analog gyros, still worked, but yes, loud... There are some benefits to edf's but all at the expense of battery power (efficiency)
  • Pretty neat experiment, but it sounds like 1000 cats having their tails pulled simultaneously. :)

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