I'm still working on my Interception/Injection board for my Spektrum Dx6i, here is the news :


  • the interception is working like a charm, I can monitor all of the 6 channels on the groundstation (the 9 gauge on the left), It can be plugged to usb or over bluetooth.
  • the flying board is (for now) equipped with GPS an a 3 axis accelerometer (gyro is on the way).SNC00776_2_m.jpg
  • both boards have a rfm22 (the same used by OpenLrs), for now only the flying board is transmitting the GPS and the Acc data..SNC00778_2_m.jpg
  • First try developping a quick GroundStation as demonstrator, with horizon, altimeter and speed, Acc Data and even a google map ;) The GS is working on Win32 and Windows mobile, I'm planing on porting it on Android when I'll have an Android.gs1_m.jpg
Still a lot of work and test to do, but on the good way ;)
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  • Hello,

    just received my 5dof imu (the same as sparkfun one), and sample of the last MS5607 24bit delta sigma pressure sensor:


    I can now have gps , barometric altitude, temperature, pitch roll...

    here is an updated screenshot of the GS :



    And I also received one of this cheap android tablet sold everywhere but from china, to see if it is possible to interact with it... Seems that it is really difficult, no bluetooth, have to look for a serial port, ultra limited usb drivers, ... But I started my own Gs app for android on it... ;)


  • thank you very much ;)
  • No librairy for arduino, my chip is a pic18f46j50...

    I found lot of usefull information here : PIC32 rfm22 lib

  • goo job


    have you the librairy avaible for arduino and the rfm22 ?

  • I'll do it.

    here is the last screenshot :


    But my board stopped working yesterday, to many flashing... Have to wait for new micro... ;)

  • I like it.


    Feel free to fill in any info on capabilities, etc:


  • just for fun ;)

    Ground station from BARTHELEMY Roman on Vimeo.

  • Developer
    why do you have airspeed and altitude gagues when the garmin style hud is designed with tapes that are still there?
  • Hello, No it is pure Visual studio C++ ;)
    I'm using Gapidraw as graphic library, fast and easy to integer.
  • I would love to see a mobile app like this for Android. Looks like you went the route of GS via lab view, am I correct?
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