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  • Ahh I'd forgotten, good to see you using it.

    Thanks for the range info.

  • MR60

    Hi and thx Jon. Did you recognize the ESP07 you sent me a while back ? It has finally been put to good use.

    I can tell , based on a comparison I did for that same application between an ESP-01 with integrated antenna and this ESP-07 with external antenna that the radio link stability is perfect with the external antenna and rather shaky with the integrated one (even at close distance). A difference could also be the ESP-07 has a metallic shield around the chips that the ESP-01 does not have.

    About the max distance for the ESP-07 with external antenna, i can just say it worked perfect to the max distance of the flight path to the operator which was 80 meters (no obstacles). It was also good to notice it did not interfere with the same 2.4Ghz band of the Taranis. 

  • Very illuminating, especially the turbo!! Looking forward to the geeky part.

    What sort of range do you expect to achieve with the external aerial on the ESP?

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