Eagle Shot

We are doing Aerial Shot across the bali Beach few days a go. Suddenly an Eagle came and chase our Bixler... After dancing and manuvering around we manage to go on top, and point the camera to the eagle... Yes we are lucky to get the perfect shot...

Recorded from the ground, i think the eagle mean no harm to our plane... may be he just exited to see new friend on the sky.... Who said eagle flies alone ? :D


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  • Nice picture!

  • @jason : ahahha too bad, no relection...

    @crashingdutchman : we fly at national park near gilimanuk :) , maybe u familiar with teluk mimpi... nor far away froim there

  • Hi Oejang,

    Very nice picture! Where do you fly on Bali?

  • Thats an awesome shot!, can you see the reflection if you zoom into the eyes?

  • Eagle : we cut the fuselage as size of the gopro (around the cg point)... then put the half body of the camera inside. the go pro is safe as long as u put it not to low and landing in flat surface area. If we land on rocky surface we catch the plane...  i'll put photos later... *on vacation now :D

    Jack : yeah... let do more stuff like this to bring peace :)

    Jani : No damage, i think the eagle afraid of the spinning propeller.... so as long as the plane in front of the eagle it safe... but when the eagle made attact potition we maneuver.

    I will upload the video latteer :)

  • Developer

    just stunning picture. was there any damage on plane? I've been that crows/eagles can do rather bad damage on planes.

  • A few shots like that can bring peace to the middle east.

  • The gorpo mounted under the wing, facing downward.... so to take the photos we must do maneuver and get position behind the eagle and climb above.

    Our equipment :
    Gopro 2
    Fatshark Google glass
    5,8 Ghz Videolink

    I'm not a pro.. but i think bixler setup is not that hard.. tons of tutorial available. The important thing is use the right motor and prop, balance the CG, and motor angle of thrust. but i do recomend to use stabilizer (Fy 30 A or CPD) to maximize the video or photo.

    *our bixler flight time maybe about 300 hour flight.

  • Thats a very lovely shot.

    I would love your help. Im new and trying to setup a blixer UAV myself.

    can you assits in the setup process, and "technical issuses" you had doing yours, if you did alone.


  • all : Thx Guys... :) 

    Its a real photo not captured Video, using Gopro2 in timelapse mode (shot every 2 second, thanks to Gopro). Btw I'm Not Pro Photographer.. Just Lucky....   But we do curious and will try to do this again with another eagle (to learn how eagle react to rc plane and possibility to capture their photos).

    Location : Bali National park near Gilimanuk 

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