Easy Star Bathtub mod :-)


Here is my quick mod to make it easier to fill up my Easy Star with all the gear. The lid will be held in place with 6 pair of magnets glued to the fuselage. I did the prototype with 3 mm balsa but the next version will be in 2 mm ply. I will probably make a box on top for the APM and better pockets for the XBee and GPS.



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  • Here is my Maiden after the Bath-tub etc mods, got COG to tweak a little as it's a bit tail heavy, going to move VTX on tail boom and little forward to help:


  • Multiplex Easystar Bath tub, belly hatch, OSD, hidden GPS, hidden c...


    You can see all my recent mods, still not done though lol

    FaTedev project and development work by FaTe
    FaTedev bespoke projects by Graham aka FaTe. With a wide range of interests who knows what is next!
  • I am busy working on several mods even as I type this, I am posting the whole lot as the next stage project on my site soon, when it is up I will post the direct URL

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    Hi Fate. I would love to see some pictures of your mod.
  • I used balsa wood to frame out the bottom of the bathtub mod,  just around the outter bottom edges. Then used Bell Zell glue to fix in place. Second a piece of PCB plastic to fill the gap between the frame along whole of bottom nose. Lastly use Bell Zell again to secure the PCB too the frame and the foam. When it's all dry it becomes like a "soul" on a shoe re-enforcing the entire nose area and protecting FPV gear.


    Enjoy :)

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    Thanks Bill,

    I am currently on the third version of the mod and will make a blog entry when it is done. I am incorporating a camera shooting sideways using the Taigacam one line stabilisation code

  • Have you done any more mods? I really like the way you have done things.
  • Hey thanks a bunch for the links. I do not know why I missed the motor. Now if I can only get their website to deduct my credit I can pull the trigger on this order!
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    Here is "my" motor http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=...

    Dont forget to order a propeller hub. As for the propeller, 6" is max length if you dont want it to cut into the tail :-)

    This one maybe: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=...

  • Thanks Stefan the setup looks great. I was not able to locate the 2835 on the hobbyking site maybe it is discontinued. The motor and prop combinations are difficult to understand and I haave not found a definitive site to help with selection. One could buy a bunch of motors before locating the right one.
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