The competition held on March 20 and 21 in Taiwan. There are various events in the competition. Please refer to the official site :
One of the events is Beyond-Vision-Range Flight. The airplane should fly far away and take some pictures of ground targets. The locations of tragets in the competition are shown in the following figure. The farest waypoint is about 3 km from home location.

We used EasyStar as the vehicle and UAV devBoard as the contorller. The plane crashed twice due to EMI problem before the successful flight. Because of the strong wind, it deviated from the expected flight path and disappered in the sky for about half an hour. When we were going to give up and the referee had asked the next team to take off, it suddently showed up above the home location. The crowd cheered as the plane safely landed on the runway.

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  • Thank you, Pete.
    The correct English names of the colleges are listed in the following :
    空軍航空技術學院: Air Force Institute of Technology, R.O.C. (Taiwan),
    永達技術學院: Yung Ta Institute of Technology & Commerce ,
    雲林科技大學: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology,
  • Developer

    Congratulations to your entire team at the college on winning first prize. Thank you so much for posting the details. Super news.

    Best wishes, Pete
  • Developer
    Curtiss, Than you very much. The Google Translation seems to work well enough for that site.

    From the site, I have you down as ... first prize as follows. Please confirm I have the right information.
    i.e. The Air force Institute of Aviation Technology won first prize with the UAV DevBoard for the part of the competition which required the plane to fly beyond visual range and back again.

    Best wishes, Pete

    Horizon group results

    視距外組第一名:空軍航空技術學院-空鯊 First prize horizon: the Air Force Institute of Aviation Technology - Air Shark
    視距外組第二名:永達技術學院-永達俱樂部 Horizon second prize: Yongda Technical College - Yongda Club
    視距外組第三名:雲林科技大學-雲翼 Horizon the third prize: Yunlin University of Science - Yun Yi
    最佳報告獎:雲林科技大學-雲翼 Best Award: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology - Yun Yi
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  • Pete, the competition results are just published today. Please refer to this page :
    But the contents are typed in Chinese.
  • Developer
    Curtiss, Do you have a link to an independent results page ? For some reason no results have been published on the web site.
  • Admin
    that is neat work , Good work Curtiss. I see you done custom harness for Servo I/O, power input using breadboard. GPS sits nicely on top in neat little package :). Impressive !!
  • Our EasyStar is restored. It will be back to sky next week.

    Here is the close view of the UAV devBoard setup. The bottum green board is used for a multiplexer circuit and routes for connections of receiver and servos.

  • *envy*
  • Admin
    here is some thing you saw there in development & testing stage, guys are serious in there, pretty decent if not good job :-)
  • Developer
    Yes, that is quite a community of enthusiasts ! I dont think we have anything to compare with that yet in the UK.

    I was looking for the "Easy Star" in the photos but did not see it.
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