The competition held on March 20 and 21 in Taiwan. There are various events in the competition. Please refer to the official site :
One of the events is Beyond-Vision-Range Flight. The airplane should fly far away and take some pictures of ground targets. The locations of tragets in the competition are shown in the following figure. The farest waypoint is about 3 km from home location.

We used EasyStar as the vehicle and UAV devBoard as the contorller. The plane crashed twice due to EMI problem before the successful flight. Because of the strong wind, it deviated from the expected flight path and disappered in the sky for about half an hour. When we were going to give up and the referee had asked the next team to take off, it suddently showed up above the home location. The crowd cheered as the plane safely landed on the runway.

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    it is in the results page of website but I can't make head or tail out of it Gary
  • Moderator
    Well done, would love to find out about the other aerial competitors that you beat.
  • Admin
    could or should/need to modify it, Ho?
  • I think it should be used MatrixPilot with different parameter. The algorithm of MatrixPilot is so good that I can't believe the colleage students could modify it.
  • Ben , I believe UAV Db was used as the title, but I could not find any more info from the site.( almost every thing is in Taiwanese i guess
  • Sweet! Anyone know if this plane was using MatrixPilot? Or a modified version of it? Or something else?
  • T3
    I saw this scenario with EasyUAV a few times:
    "It's all lover, it's gone... Then 30mins later: voila, you see, on time and schedule, total victory!"
  • is there a English ver of the site, Curtiss? More details of your airframe , camera, ground control station etc is appreciated. more photo or videos too pls. thanks for sharing
  • that is cool competition, congrats to the winning team.
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