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  • This looks like a rebadge of the sky surfer model from

    There is a thread about it at rcgroups:

    I have the sky surfer and am generally pleased. I have not flown it much yet but it is clear that it needs additional stiffening beyond what is provided in the kit. There is quite a bit of info in the rcgroups thread about the different versions and some useful improvements to make to the model.

    At this point I believe the dynam hawk sky is a better value and better model but that opinion could change with more time with the sky surfer. The hawk sky is available from nitroplanes:
  • Seems they are now in the U.S. warehouse.
  • 3D Robotics
    Also see this discussion thread, which posted on this a few days ago:
  • I'd been looking at the EasyStar for training purposes, but the ailerons on the Bixler just put it on top of the list (need to watch the test flight, though).


    Thanks for posting this!

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    It is looks just like an EasyStar in all respects except for the ailerons. They must have hijacked the molds from Multiplex :-)

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