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  • rob, i remember when you first started on Trex 600 heli with APM2.0 i was following you. you have come a long way since then. i diverted to multicopters. i am still fascinated by helis and would like to try soon since we have pixhawk now. which electric heli frame do u suggest to start with assuming i have now 4 years of experience with autonomous flight.

  • @ Rob

    Nice. Love to see some pics and details. You should post a thread about the build. That's one thing I haven't done yet is a conventional heli. I know they used to be very difficult to fly but with a pixhawk at least you could learn without trashing a dozen rotors and parts first! re-pics from a gasser... I made my own camera vibration isolator using nitro full tubing.  ps sorry to be OT here.3702036978?profile=original

  • Yes. Commercial duty motor.

  • Rob is it a 2 stroke? 

  • The Lithium Air are there from the 70s and not yet in the market.

    I wish they were.

  • I'll be trying to get pictures from the gasser soon. Might not be good for imaging though.  But great for deliveries, spraying, etc.

  • Fuel cells might miss the boat if Lithium air takes off. A theoretical 12,000wh/kg available, but the problem is the amount of cycles the cathode can sustain.

  • What about the vibration issues of the gassers?

  • I agree that the batteries has to improve, and i am sure they going to, in the future.

    About the MTBF of fuel sell, hope someone from energyor will answer it.

    I will email them.

  • Actually, I find it more reliable than electric.  Particularly the batteries which are so finicky.

    And do we have an MTBF on this fuel cell system?

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