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  • Right, a helicopter.

  • Gasoline is no match Rob. 

    How many engine cuts you got, what is your system MTBF?

    electric has the best reliability.

  • I have a copter that costs $4000, and can fly for 5 hours with a payload. :)

  • Wait - wasn't this the same copter that was 100% powered by fuel cells? Ie no hybrid?

  • Euan Ramsay, what do you mean? It's powered via a conventional battery, however this battery is constantly being charged by the fuel cell so there isn't any latency in the power.
  • Lol, TC.

    I'm interested to hear how they overcame the latency issue of the cells. I see it's indoors and likely running a low PID loop...I wonder how it would cope outdoors, actually flying about?

  • Admin

    Hi Rob,

    I believe that there have been two posts and with each post the duration becomes longer:-)


    TCIII Admin

  • I think this is the third time this has been posted in 1-2 weeks? ;)

  • Actually working out of Canada. The folks behind it are Israeli :-)

  • Only only byproduct is pure water! Only thing id worry about is the compressed hydrogen tank flying about. I would imagine though, that chemical storage could be used, such as a metal hydride. 

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