Hello all,


we made some good progress and pushed out version 2.5, (actually it has been shipping for a few weeks)

The main change is that we only use Alnico magnets now and instead of magnetizing those fully in either direction go from full magnetization to completely demagnetize.

The advantage is a reduced air gab and shorter magnetic path length resulting in improved holding force.

It was a little tricky to find the ‘0’ point, or just how much of an external magnetic field needs to be applied to demagnetized the magnets but not more. Eventually we found a solution, magnetize them in alternative directions repeatedly while decreasing the amplitude of the field. This all happens in less than 1 second.


Git repository for Parts Drawing PCB Masks Pic12F source code


Schematics and PCB files 


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  • T3
    That was really vague. My plane has an APM, not my EPM having an APM.
    I actually have always been interested in sticking a few on a rover to move payloads around and pick them up. There's not much of a weight restriction with an RC truck so it should be relatively straightforward.
  • T3
    I should stick one on my plane too. I have a V2 I can try, although it only has an APM and not a Pixhawk.
  • Yeah, we had nobody try out the EPM on a plane, shoot me an email Drone-University 

  • This is fantastic!

  • Very interesting video :-)

    Would love to see one under each of my Penguin plane wings !

  • Drone University - Swisspost has already seen a demo of this unit. As I am based in Switzerland, a demo in France is possible.

  • I do keep all my logs, but can't recall which day I last flew one on, or if I have the correct level of logging on.

    I did shoot a video on it, and the visible effects the magnet has on a 3DR quad. It's a bit lengthy, so skip to 5:54. Or just watch the whole thing. Note this is based on the EPM 2.1.

    Only thing missing is the auto flight, which I'll be shooting as soon as I can.

  • @Andreas,

    I would say that postal drones should definitely be interested by your product. Was it the idea from the start ?

    I can give you the contact name of a French postal drone by mp if you wish.

  • @Drone-University

    Yes but I can't seem to find the log file, do you got something on hand Euan?

  • @Hogg, by it from

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