Emergency parachute trigger options

I´m finally finishing the setup of a new airframe, wich now has a parachute system released by a servo (almost like this):


Now comes the tricky part: how to setup a good way of activating the parachute from APM?


For now, i have it on channel 6 and APM just passes from rc input to output, so i can only activate it from primary rc control. i don´t want to activate it on a failsafe (sure, RTL is much better for this) but in case of a strange system failure and no rc control i would like to activate easily from mission planner. is there a simple method for this?


By the way, the ropes of my parachute don´t go over the propeller, so even if it keeps spinning, or even still trying to fly, the parachute will stop the plane.


Thanks for any advice on this, Ricardo.

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  • Were any tests done when the plane was in a stall or free fall? Tripping the parachute right after killing the throttle seems like an artificial situation.

  • this video is not mine, its from Team Echelon FPV.

    Randy, a set of sensors that actually detect a huge problem and decide to trigger the parachute would be awesome, but for now i just want a way to set a servo. in the future i'll use a solenoid for improved safety, so if battery dies or disconect, or ubec burns, it automatically deploy the parachute.

    hugues, i don't want to use the trigger camera, but i can set it as the retractable mount, and there's the option to set as retracted or normal easily on "actions" tab. this worked perfectly, except that now i can't find how to configure the retract/normal on the primary transmitter!

  • Developer

    Nice camera work.

    By the way, there's a discussion going on for the multicopters related to parachutes here.

    I suspect we will make a parachute library so it can be shared between copters and planes but I'd only be able to write the library part, I wouldn't be able to do the integration with plane, that would need to go to Tridge or someone else more familiar than I am with the plane code.

  • that's a simple option...but unfortunately i also wish to have the camera trigger command (actually with two canon chdk in sync, one nir modified, cameras), and also stabilization on roll axis.

  • MR60

    From mission planner you always have the simple possibility to right click on the map and select "trigger camera". Then in the camera config window you configure which servo output shall be triggered by the "trigger camera command".

  • Modified slightly this looks good for supply drops


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