Endura Drone battery



3689647369?profile=originalWe have gotten a lot of requests for just the 16000mah and 18000mah battery's so we have added those as rewards 

14.8V 4S 18000mAh 20C, size is 275mm* 45mm 74mm (estimated 2193g) should have hard weight # in next few days  $255

14.8V 4S 16000mAh 20C, size is 173 x 74 x 45mm 1380g $165



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  • Have you seen what HobbyKing sells them for...

  • We dont do the 10000mah but if there is a big enough demand we could see if the factory can make them
  • The Hobby king batteries are only 10c I have 5 of the Multistar 4s 10000 mah batteries. Low cycles on all of them so time will tell. They weigh 815 grams with an ec5 connector.

  • They do have 10000 and 16000 but havent had stock for almost a year our 16000 is almost the same size
  • Hobbyking has some 1600mah and 10000mah 4s batteries 

  • we don't have the hard #s on the 18000mah yet those are just estimated the pack will probably be shorter and weigh less we estimated way on the high side so people will not be disappointed they are supose to give me hard #'s tonight but its china so some times it takes a few days   

  • I am curious. why +55% in $ and +59% in weight and +58% in volume for +12% in energy?

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