Folding EPP Foam H-Frame Quad

3689515475?profile=originalFollowing on my Carbon H-Quad, I have now built a foam one!! (Ok, it has a bit of carbon too)

The problem with the full carbon one was weight. Yes, it was super stiff but it was around 300g heavier than my X525 frame and thus my flight times were 3+ minutes shorter, thinner carbon plate would've helped but it's fairly expensive, difficult to come by (here) and difficult to work with.

My main priority was portability, it has to fold as small as possible and I also really do prefer flying the H-frames, orientation being the major advantage but also no props in onboard video.

I had a few blocks of a hard black EPP foam and I picked one up the other day and it was really firm (no twist) AND light (100g for the whole block), suddenly... bing!... I had spare arms for the X525 so why not.

A quick drawing in CAD to check the angles and sizes and some problem-solving with mountings and construction and here it is... took about 2 hrs to make and another 2-3 to assemble. I used the carbon pivot plates cut off from the old frame and they're just cyanoed to the foam with 2 bolts right through and 2 through just the arms and plates. Flies really well with very little twist (not enough to cause the yaw problems associated with twist)!

Weight is 925g ex-battery so 78g lighter than the X525 with the same components (The carbon frame was ~1300g).

Diagonal (open):Motor to motor (open):Length (folded, max):Width (folded, max):Weight:



Before attaching the motors, closed3689515368?profile=originalOpen, no components3689515523?profile=original
53689515390?profile=originalIn the old box!3689515588?profile=original
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    @Tom - to make the motors equi-distant apart when in open position, the front arms' angle is more acute so the motors end up being closer together.

  • I am curious why you used mounting plates beneath your front motors but not the rear ones?

  • Moderator

    Well, it has flown so no worries there, floating, yes well... probably, need to waterproof the APM first, me thinks...

  • I think it will fly but the question is... will it float??

  • Not yet, will if i see it fly tomorrow !!

  • Moderator

    Now you believe me, Louis...

  • Will we see it fly tomorrow ?

  • Very very nice !!

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