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  • Developer
    Thanks guys, good reference site, now I can start to add several mods, I will use USB_tiny_ISP for AVR programming.
    Earl, Any luck with FR_Sky exchange?
  • Oh yes, I already did the mod for the throttle cut and aileron. The software I use takes this into account too. I think I use PC6 & PC7. The mod is not hard.
  • @Mark - Earl is correct, Rx & Tx = MOSI & MISO BUT these pins also control throttle cut and aileron rate. Not a problem when you're re-flashing the software but could lead to disaster in the air, so these functions should be re-wired to PC6 & PC7 of the Atmega64. You can find guides to this on the various Tx9 project sites. One of the best sites is probably this one which gives circuit diagrams for the original board, the hacked version and a proposed whole new PCB (this also shows connections for an SD card).

  • The same port is used for telemetry. It even powers the XBee I use. I use 4 pins. MOSI MISO GND +5
    The MOSI and MISO are the Rx and Tx pins on the ATmega64 in the er9x.
    I use both in case I later want to SEND data from the er9x up to the plane.
    I am happy to answer all questions.
  • Developer
    I have been checking out my new Turnigy9x v2, Getting ready to add SPI port, but how do I add port for TM data?
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