Just for the laugh and DIY competition spirit, we saw two recent blog posts about how to do the cheapest as possible landing gear for quads. Here is my formula : estimated cost : less than 2 dollars for four legs using swimming pool foam sausages (i do not know how you call this in english, we say "boudin" in french but American do not eat "boudin" , sausage is the closest I find ;). So here it goes with my recipe:

-One long foam "sausage" , found in any sport's shop for old ladies needing support in swimming pools

-Cut the foam sausage in four equal pieces of length = original 3DR leg + one or two inches

-Cut at 60° the bottom of each piece

-Tie each foam piece with zippies on the 3DR leg


Other view:


Who can do cheaper ?

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  • You can also cut off about a 2" length of pool noodle, then half it across the diameter. Fold it around then Ty-rap one of those pieces to the end of the 3DR leg. Some shock absorption, plus a great "bootie" if flying from messy ground, helps prevent the copter from sinking down and getting caught a bit too. (The ground around here is clay.)

  • Thanks for Sharing Hugues!! In America we call the swimming pool sausages; Water Noodles or Pool Noodles :-) Do you know how much all the extra landing gear weighs?

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