3689551157?profile=originalWhy did I wait so long to go to Triple Tree Aerodrome? The facility is fantastic and literally a gem less than a hour from my house.

I brought my two Arducopter quads and spent a huge amount of time letting folk hold them, and pour over the details. There was so many folk wanting to talk about them, I did no flying! Multirotors were present but none on the flight line while I was there today. The Instructables Wide-Body Quad (foreground) drew numerous questions simply because the build materials were something everyone that picked it up could identify with. More than once I heard, 'I could build one of these!' I sent many folk off with my card, email address, DIYDrones URL, and Instructables URL. Most folk had not heard of 3DR or either of the URL. Outreach (marketing) seems to be a common activity for me.

This was more of a scouting trip of me and my traveling partner (that's his sailplane before the P-51). He got to see more aircraft than he knew existed. I got to talk with many great people and we both plan to fly when we go back to TTA.

Next time I will be sure to put on more sunscreen than I did. It stings when I smile but it is a good feeling.

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