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  • MR60
    Who is doing the law? YOU the citizen ultmately. Don't let a bunch of bureaucrats dictate what the hobby should be allowed or not allowed. Don't wait for some new blind law, act to forge it the way you want.
  • While his flying ability is outstanding and his accident record is clean, I still can't help think that eventually something might go wrong at the wrong place and time. All it takes is one bad ESC, signal loss, or any other "minor" problem. His videos are amazing and I'm sure very well planned, but perhaps he (and every other FPV''er) should refrain from flying over people, cars, buildings. One thing I do know: if we antagonize the bigwigs and they continue to see only negative publicity about FPVing, they'll just write laws to make it illegal to fly anywhere- including remote areas where there's no humans in a 100-mile radius. I'm hoping government regulators don't throw a blanket law over us, ban flying over people, buildings, highways, but not in a park/ empty space where there's no threat to anyone. I would not be surprised if tunnel-vision lawmakers make it illegal to fly FPV anywhere. All it take is one moron, like the NY DJI incident, to injure someone or damage something and the media to make it a front page story. Fly safe, fly smart, stay away from flying over people, cities, roads, etc and we might just be lucky to keep our hobby legal

  • I think there needs to be a bit of a shift in thinking by regulators from setting rules for a small number of pilots to making it really easy for ordinary people to do the right thing. That in my mind means having a really useful Internet presence when someone new googles: "how to fly a drone".

  • @Robincfey- Well said!
  • i met Trappy when he was doing his new Zealand tour , and asked him about crashes , he has lost a few craft but never hurt anyone , never broken public property or private for that matter , and the few craft he has lost were in such remote locations they were almost impossible to retrieve , he did lose a discovery in the sea in Kaikoura , i happened to have family there so a dive team was dispatched and 3 days later they found it , in about 30m of water everything apart from the sd card were destroyed , and that was a battery failure , i think all in all there has been more accidents by hobbyists and amateur pilots (especially those with bloody phantoms) , than accidents by professionals , we should follow by example learn from the best and don't risk your investment , don't fly dangerously in populated areas until you have a proven airframe and proven ability  , and dear i say it , a SUAS licencing? as much as we hate regulations it needs to happen there needs to be some sort of training and control over the usage of these amazing tools, as for trappy causing the rest of us trouble , NO i doubt it just go on youtube and search drone crash and there is thousands of videos , yes trappy has huge internet presence and probably the most watched fpv footage but he does follow the rules , most of the time , the guy in Manhattan with the phantom is a great example or amateurs ruining it for the rest of us , dont blame the godfather blame the imitators !!!!!!

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