Excitng First ArduCopter Mega Mission!

I finally got up the courage to try a mission with 2.05. I set up a very simple mission - takoff to 10 meters, loiter time 60, land. All the coords were very close to each other so it should land about where it took off. The first two times I started the mission, it went up a few feet and then bounced around the ground like it was at altitude and loitering. The third time was very different - Up it went very high - seemed like more like 100' rather than 10 meters - and I was sweating bullets. It then loitered for what seemed like much more than 60 seconds, but I bit my lip and waited. It then began a landing pretty much on target, but at about 20 or 30 feet it decided to head towards a corner of the park and I aborted, though it might have landed OK if I had more room.My theory is that there may be probs in the altitude sonar/ baro switch. When I lock height, it bounces a lot if within sonar range, and sometimes just shoots up without stopping. I verified the sensors by loading Ardupirate code - unit is very accurate on sonar height with this code, so I know the hardware is OK.The landing way off target was puzzling. I let the GPS run for a while, but maybe coords changed. I wish I would have had more room to see where it ended at.I also assumed that mission end at 'land' stops the mission, but soon realized I had to kill mode switch as soon as it landed or it will repeat the mission. Might be nice to wait for a throttle toggle to start again.Anyone else seeing this?
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  • I  tell more than 10 times that arducopter have a serious problem with altitude hold.

    The first problem are in the sensor.pde that used a code diferente that ardupirate / bosh paper.

    I changed the code on ACM2 sensor.pde by the code from ardupirate or bmp085 demo and the altitude hold work much better but continue with serious problem in the algorithm.


    I am working on ACM2 ALT_HOLD code when i can (personal interest) because i have my own stabilization code and now are the time to put a alt_hold in my own code.

    Jason, lock at sensor.pde and tell anything.




  • Developer

    You may have had you throttle Cruise value set incorrectly. You need to hover in Alt hold first to set it.

    60 seconds is a long time. GPS is only so accurate. I will be doing more testing this weeked.


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