EXmaps - Online log storage releases update

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the feedback that was sent to us. We are happy to announce here are the latest updates:


  • Support for Tlogs. 
  • Bulk drag and drop uploader for Tlogs. Description is set to filename, date from the Tlog data.
  • UAV limit removed. You can now create and store more than 1 UAV. Service is still free, guaranteed. 
  • Report Log Feature
    • Can report logs that fail processing
    • Can report problems with processed logs
  • Tabs in Log List, one for processed, one for failed logs
  • Faster load time for Detail Log Views
  • Battery data plot for Tlogs
  • Privacy policy is now available here: http://exmaps.com/privacy. This is important to us, I thought we needed to state as a service where we stand on this. 

We hope you can give this service a try and drop as a line at hello@exmaps.com. Appreciate the feedback and keep them coming!



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  • Hi Ricardo, thanks for the feedback. Can you send the failed tlog to hello@exmaps.com? We would like to fix the problem asap. 

  • ah, just one more thing. it would be nice to generate a report for each battery, i got a few ones, and keep a record of how many flights each one has by marking them when i recharge.

  • i also tried, no luck with .tlog, i got the same error. but i tried uploading logs i already had, i´ll try to configure my gps and attitude as described on your guide( http://exmaps.com/guide ), the idea of automatically getting reports and a flight book just uploading the tlog is awesome.

    unfortunally, i can´t acess my usb connector on the apm, i´ll try the mavlink download option later. maybe the .log works, but i can´t tell it now.

  • Hi Georacer, many thanks for using our service. We are now still in beta so apologies for any bugs. In our own testing, about 90% of the logs managed to be processed. If you report the failed log we will be able to take a look at it. Also, our service currently does not support .bin and rlogs. 

  • As much as I'd like for your service to be streamlined and work, I never managed to have much success with it.

    In this iteration, I can't upload a file, with the message "Log Upload failed. Make sure you key in all the fields and check if the log file is valid"

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