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  • Same question as turdserfer, what does it exactly do? Is it multicolor led? What does it show? Armed, disarmed, Gps status, amount of satellites,errors?

  • Is it possible to use that external USB board on the APM? I can't access my USB port in 1 of my planes.

  • Yes. I've been waiting for that USB port!

  • Mine was included with the pixhawk. But you are right, i couldn't find it as a stand alone item in the 3dr store.
  • Is the I2C breakout available yet? I can't find it...not that I could get one shipped anymore (sorry).
  • Is there a special setting to replicate the status of the internal LED ? I ask because I already connected the BlinkM and all I have is a changing color LED that goes from red to blue to green to white and repeat (maybe not in that order ;) )

  • nice. The LED is connected over I2C, here is the user guide:

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