Eye eye whats this then


Interesting article at IEEE all about 3DR but it was the flying wing that caught my eye, along with a very relaxed image of Jordi. Is that just an RV Jet from a funny angle or is there something different about it? That's a good chuck to get it that high before the folding prop starts. 

The poster child for that elite is Jordi Muñoz. He broke off his studies in electrical engineering in Mexico to spend two years on drone technology, cranking out C++ code for a UAV autopilot based on the Arduino microcontroller. Anderson heard of the autopilot, ordered a test version, and began an online dialogue that ended with the two men’s founding of 3D Robotics. (The name refers to the one dimension where robots had not previously gone: up.)


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    @Greg ah yes whoops! Reading its a skill ;-) I guess the bungee has already left, stage left.

  • One would hope that 3DR is working on their own fixed wing product ...... however this might not be it.

  • always hire better people than yourself ;)

  • The founder drops out of college, but if you want to work for him, an MSEE or higher is required.

  • "...straining bungee cord..." he didn't throw it that high :)

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