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  • Pure Genius!

  • Funny... most sUAS are going to look much the same. You'll have so much "stuff" on there they'll be no room for "pay"load.   

  • ahahahaha

  • need high resolution picture for my new T-shirt :)

  • Considering Toyota was ordered to pay over a billion dollars not because of defects but because the rumors of defects made people's resale values drop, people who want to make money on every conceivable lawsuit get what they deserve.

  • Takes away all the fun of flying......

    Isn’t saaaaad ?!?

    pour Santa!!!!

  • Moderator

    No ADSB so he wouldn't get his ticket 

  • Developer

    It's a funny drawing, but at the same time kinda sad since it's not even an exaggeration. This is how a FAA approved Santa would look..

  • Just spotted 'Cargo' :D
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