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3689538714?profile=originalFrom the Washington Post:

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators say they have certified two types of unmanned aircraft for civilian use, a milestone expected to lead to the first approved commercial drone operations later this summer.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday the drones are Insitu’s Scan Eagle X200 and AeroVironment’s PUMA [shown above]. Both weigh less than 55 pounds, are about 4.5 feet long and have wingspans of 9 to 10 feet.

A major energy company plans to fly the Scan Eagle off the Alaska coast starting in August to survey ice floes and migrating whales. The PUMA is expected to support emergency response crews for oil spill monitoring and wildlife surveillance over the Beaufort Sea.

Most nonmilitary use of drones in the U.S. has been limited to police and other government agencies.

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  • Made some calls, did some digging and here is the FAA type cert acquired by both aircraft. Many aircraft that operate today already hold this type cert. example the c-130s that are used for forest fires.

  • 3600.00 for the PUMA, that includes what?

    And can the guy off the street buy one?

  • Hmmm this could be an interesting project. I'll try to contact the 2 companies and the FAA and see what the process and requirements are. I'll post my findings when I get them. Hopefully it is less underhanded than we all think.
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    Hi Digital

    I am not discouraged just mystified by the crazy American beaurocacy ( Ok I am not the only one..and I dont live in the USA now.) .

    I have my drone built and working well (sub 2kg) and I want to market it respectfully and legally in the USA.  Now I have a problem. If there is a "Standard" then I can build to it and know that it should pass and be certified. just like a driving test..... do this, do that. ok heres your licence.

    if there is NO standard then how is the UAV or UAVS evaluated in a defined, repeatable and FAIR way for everyone.... Your FAA surely dont have rules for the big guys and different rules for the little guys, I thought that was against the law. Can I file a suit angainst the FAA alleging discrimination ??


  • They did something other companies didn't. They tried. I bet if other companies develop a similar UAV platform and try to get it certified, it will pass. Don't get discouraged, Get building! The DIY drone market is too big to ignore. We will be part of the thousands of drones flying around soon enough.
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    Ok guys, I am sorry but I dont get this at all?

    To certify a UAV for comercial use they have to have a certification process to measure the UAV performance against. Where is this process.? Where is the legislation?. The issue always appears to relate to safety and sense and avoid. What is special about these 2 planes that we cannot match?

    The FAA cannot use one set of rules for the big guys and one set for use little people.

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    I wonder if the local FAA office that approved those designs will be as kind though.

  • 100KM
    Although the process is different for military VS comercial. Being a persone who presently has a design flying for the military which I got through the militaries certification process, I can tell you its not quite as difficult as most people on both sides of the fence are claiming it to be.
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    Oops, should have said....
    Do these aircraft ....
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    Fido these aircraft have sense and avoid ? If not then how are they better than our UAV's? What part of what certification makes them better?
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