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Here's the reg. On a quick read, it appears that the FAA is taking a hard line on drones in commercial faming and FPV flight with googles. Only Hobby and Recreation is allowed without a COA


Regarding FPV, this doesn't sound good:

By definition, a model aircraft must be “flown within visual line of sight of the person operating the aircraft.” Based on the plain language of the statute, the FAA interprets this requirement to mean that: (1) the aircraft must be visible at all times to the operator; (2) that the operator must use his or her own natural vision (which includes vision corrected by standard eyeglasses or contact lenses) to observe the aircraft; and (3) people other than the operator may not be used in lieu of the operator for maintaining visual line of sight. Under the criteria above, visual line of sight would mean that the operator has an unobstructed view of the model aircraft. To ensure that the operator has the best view of the aircraft, the statutory requirement would preclude the use of vision-enhancing devices, such as binoculars, night vision goggles, powered vision magnifying devices, and goggles designed to provide a “first-person view” from the model.

Footnote 2: The FAA is aware that at least one community-based organization permits “first person view” (FPV)  operations during which the hobbyist controls the aircraft while wearing goggles that display images transmitted from a camera mounted in the front of the model aircraft. While the intent of FPV is to provide a simulation of what a pilot would see from the flight deck of a manned aircraft, the goggles may obstruct an operator’s vision, thereby preventing the operator from keeping the model aircraft within his or her visual line of sight at all times.


Press release here:

For Immediate Release

June 23, 2014
Contact: Les Dorr, Jr. or Alison Duquette 
Phone: (202) 267-3883

Agency issues interpretation of  2012 Reauthorization Law, restates authority to take enforcement action against hazardous operations.

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today published a Federal Register notice on its interpretation of the statutory special rules for model aircraft in the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012. The guidance comes after recent incidents involving the reckless use of unmanned model aircraft near airports and involving large crowds of people.

Compliance with these rules for model aircraft operators has been required since the Act was signed on February 14, 2012, and the explanation provided today does not change that fact. The FAA is issuing the notice to provide clear guidance to model operators on the “do’s and don’ts” of flying safely in accordance with the Act and to answer many of the questions it has received regarding the scope and application of the rules.

“We want people who fly model aircraft for recreation to enjoy their hobby – but to enjoy it safely,” said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “At DOT, we often say that safety is a shared responsibility, so to help, we are providing additional information today to make sure model aircraft operators know exactly what’s expected of them.”

In the notice, the FAA restates the law’s definition of “model aircraft,” including requirements that they not interfere with manned aircraft, be flown within sight of the operator and be operated only for hobby or recreational purposes. The agency also explains that model aircraft operators flying within five miles of an airport must notify the airport operator and air traffic control tower.

The FAA reaffirms that the Act’s model aircraft provisions apply only to hobby or recreation operations and do not authorize the use of model aircraft for commercial operations. The notice gives examples of hobby or recreation flights, as well as examples of operations that would not meet that definition.

“We have a mandate to protect the American people in the air and on the ground, and the public expects us to carry out that mission,” said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta. 

The law is clear that the FAA may take enforcement action against model aircraft operators who operate their aircraft in a manner that endangers the safety of the national airspace system. In the notice, the FAA explains that this enforcement authority is designed to protect users of the airspace as well as people and property on the ground.

The FAA will be working with its inspectors and model aircraft operators across the country to ensure they give standard information to the public on how to satisfy these statutory requirements and avoid endangering the safety of the nation’s airspace.

The FAA is also developing a plan to work with the law enforcement community to help them understand the FAA’s rules for unmanned aircraft systems, as well as the special statutory rules for model aircraft operators, so they can more effectively protect public safety.

The agency wants the public to know how and when to contact the FAA regarding safety concerns with UAS operations. You can visit the Agency’sAviation Safety Hotline website or call 1-866-835-5322, Option 4.

While today’s notice is immediately effective, the agency welcomes comments from the public which may help further inform its analysis. The comment period for the notice will close 30 days from publication in the Federal Register.  >View the notice

See Section 336 of the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act.

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  • There is something wrong when un elected people get to make decisions like this. 

    More over statues and regulations are not law in anyway shape or form.

  • If it's tethered, FAA doesn't care.

  • As far as commercial use goes, whats the difference if i attach a gopro to a balloon on a string and take pics...what if i attach my gimbal to a balloon and take pics...what if i attach my drone to a balloon and take pics???

  • lol

  • FAA

     Inquisition and suspicion act

     Section 337b title 47(36)

    We at the FAA know what is best for America, and all citizens should join us in our campaign to stamp out all technical innovations that might further aviation progress, save lives, create jobs, or anything else we are afraid of because we don't understand how it works so it must be black magic and evil.


     New rules for the FAA inquisition and suspicion act section 337b title 47(sub 36):


    1. Anyone caught flying a drone will be burned at the stake.


    2. Anyone caught selling pictures from a drone is obviously guilty of breaking rule 1. And will be burned at the stake


    2b.it is the FAA's opinion that anyone caught in possession of pictures from a drone for any reason, is also guilty of breaking rule 1. And will be burned at the stake.


    3. Anyone caught looking at drones on the internet will be questioned by our inquisitors until the admit to flying a drone, they will then be burned at the stake (see NSA rules for internet privacy and CIA rules on enhanced interrogation)


    4. Anyone caught receiving pictures from a drone pilot will be questioned by the inquisitors until they reveal the identity of the drone pilot, who will be burned at the stake. (The person receiving the pictures will be burned as well as an example to others) also (see NSA rules for internet privacy and CIA rules on enhanced interrogation)


    5. Anyone caught with video goggles, will be burned at the stake. Since there is no reason to have such a device unless you are a drone pilot, it will therefore be considered proof of being drone pilot. (All excuses of watching movies on it or video games will be considered lies to avoid being burned at the stake)


    6. all sales of action cameras and small video cameras will be regulated and monitored by the FBI and will require background checks to prove that you are not a drone pilot, before you will be allowed to purchase said camera, and after all 1075pages of the proper form ( 2354/b7jes347*p104x ) has been filed with the FAA in triplicate.


    6a.form 2354/b7jes347*p104x can be found on our website under how to prove i am not a drone pilot. (There will also be a 30DAY WAITING PERIOD AFTER ALL FORMS HAVE BEEN APPROVED BEFORE A CAMERA CAN BE PURCHASED)


    6b.failure to file this form in triplicate will be considered proof you are actually a drone pilot, and plan to use said camera to spy on housewives, and will result in the person not filing the form being burned at the stake.( failure to file the form correctly will also constitute proof you are a drone pilot, see rule 1. for penalty )


    7. people that are not US citizens may not apply for a camera using form ( 2354/b7jes347*p104x)they must use form (2354/b7jes347*p104xb) and file all 2046 pages in triplicate with the FAA and INS, failure to do so will result in your being burned at the stake. (Undocumented persons form other counties are exempt and may fly a drone at anytime, anywhere, even restricted airspace)


    8. Persons purchasing radio control aircraft models must prove that they are not going to use the radio controlled aircraft, referred to as RC aircraft, as a drone. Use form 67888bfd 987fucu12a, fill out all 409 pages in triplicate and submit to the FAA. . Failure to do so will constitute proof that they are a drone pilot, and the will be burned at the stake.


    8b.current AMA members are exempt because they would never operate a drone, so just show us your member’s card and secret handshake. Failure to do so will constitute proof you are not an AMA member, and are in fact a drone pilot and you will be burned at the stake.


    9. We don't know why but flying aerobatics for money has something to do with drones, and anyone caught doing it will be burned at the stake.


    10. Persons using a balloon or kite with a camera on it will be considered a drone pilot and be burned at the stake along with the kite because that is just stupid to begin with.


    11. the FAA reserves the right to change, amend, upgrade, insult, or do any damn thing we please with this document because we ARE ALL POWERFUL, do not answer to congress, have total contempt for any NTSB judges that rule agents us when we want to fine someone, and will be replacing the letters FAA with GOD because as we mentioned earlier WE ARE ALL POWERFUL 


    Signed this day by his most holy and powerfulness the director of the FAA

  • Whereas FPV systems could potentially hinder an RC Pilots peripheral view leading to potentially unsafe flights, FPV with OSD, on screen display can actually improve flight safety in several ways. It therefore seems obvious that FPV used in the proper manner increase flight safety.... A proper manner would be to always have an assistant/spotter close by to warn the Pilot of nearby object beyond the FPV peripheral view.

  • Why couldn't I do it as an extension of my hobby? Just as a person might fly over crops to monitor irrigation for personal pleasure, as the FAA puts it.

  • Nope. Just ask Equusearch how much the FAA loves volunteer SAR...

  • So, could I establish a non-profit organization that provided search and rescue, Agricultural Services, Environmental monitoring, etc. for donations?

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